Apartment planning

Apartment planning

The goal of any apartment buyer is a harmonious and functional space in which each family member would feel as comfortable as possible.


Harmonious and functional space in the apartment, in which each member of the family feels most comfortable.


Rationality is the distribution of the area of ​​an apartment between functional areas: kitchen, living room, bedroom, the hallway in accordance with the way people live.

In well-planned apartments, the area of ​​each room is carefully selected to meet the needs of the tenants: insufficient space creates inconvenience, and excessive increases financial costs. Therefore, we consider not abstract rooms and meters, but the space needed by each family member: in the bedroom, living room, in the kitchen. In our apartments, there is enough space for everyone and there are no extra meters, which also cost money.


In an ideal apartment, there should be no empty, useless, unresolved spaces. Each corner of the apartment performs a specific function: a place to rest, to store things, entertainment. The more carefully the layout is thought out, the easier it is to equip the living space and the more planning decisions can be implemented. Planning solutions of apartments in the residential complex "Wings" clearly demonstrate the principle of functionality: for each apartment, several options are offered for the arrangement and recommendations on the arrangement of furniture are given.

Functionality is the benefit that a meter of apartment space brings. The higher the functionality, the more efficiently the money spent on the purchase of these meters.

Flat area

Perhaps the most important parameter for planning is the size of the living space. Before you buy an apartment, you need to objectively estimate how many square meters will be required for each person living in it. Ideally, it would be great to take into account the age, gender, needs, lifestyle, and character of family members, to take into account family replenishment. If there are often guests in the house, appropriate zones will be required, and business people may need a separate quiet room. It is important to provide a place for recreation and hobbies.

The optimal layout that most people like includes:

  • spacious kitchen of 12 square meters. m or kitchen-living room of 20 square meters:
  • Large windows for better illumination, better with a view on several sides;
  • The presence of a pantry or a dark room, a dressing room;
  • The presence of a loggia or balcony.

Room proportions:

Creating the most convenient and comfortable housing is unthinkable without observing the necessary proportions between the rooms. The optimal room is a square or rectangle with a 4: 3 aspect ratio. In the long and elongated rooms to create a comfortable living space is already problematic.

The layout of an ideal apartment has short, convenient connections of all zones without unnecessary corridors and passages. The entrance to the room as possible to carry out from the hallway. Doors between them when opening and closing should not interfere with the free movement. The ratio of height and area of ​​the room, partitions, openings, and other elements is of paramount importance when it comes to the visual perception of space.

Proper lighting it is always pleasant when a picturesque sunset is seen from the window in the evening, and in the afternoon the sun illuminates the nursery. That is why when choosing to the house, many people pay close attention to how the premises are oriented to the cardinal points. Quite often in apartments, windows face two sides of the world, or even three.

Lovers of a large amount of light will suit the apartment, where the two sides are located on the axis "west - east", then the apartment will be bright all day.

For lovers of light, the apartment located on the "western-east" axis of the two sides will fit, and in this case, the apartment will be light all day. At the same time, it is advisable to sit on the south side, preferring guests and children's bedrooms.

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