About us

Provision of simpliest process of individual construction and design  for customer is the major duty of the “Vims Group Design & Construction ” established under “Magnoliya-99” LLC. Design is a mean to create new and better reality for us.

The main activity directions of the “VIMS Group Design & Construction Company” are following:

  • Interior design services
  • Exterior design services
  • Landscape design
  • Projecting and documentation
  • Working out project evaluation
  • Conducting repairing and construction works
  • Controlling repairing and construction works in all stages
  • Conducting decor works
  • Illumination of architectural subjects
  • Design of frontage architectural elements.

 “VIMS Group Design & Construction” suggests the most profitable ways in construction and design works thanks to its experience, knowledge and modern technologies. We guarantee high quality of work and materials, construction rules and strict control over the minimum beginning and ending time of the work in order to implement contract obligations. All the works done by our company are guaranteed for 1 year.

Our customers and prestige is very valuable, so we conduct our obligations regularly and bear full responsibility for the quality and implementation period of the work. The staff of the company is consists of the best professionals – constructors, architects, and designers.

We work with the best materials, carry out our responsibilities in accordance with the contract, and bear responsibility for the implementing project. The performance goal of our company is to meet relevant requirement and expectations of the customers.

Our main principles are preciseness and transperancy. “VIMS Group Design & Construction” follows these principles during contact with customers. You can meet our work examples by looking through portfolio or visiting our ready subjects any time you want. It can help to evaluate the quality of our work visually.

Our Goal

  • To render broad services to the companies working different sectors of the economy in projecting, constructions, design, and conducting construction projects.
  • To provide long-living perspectives of the company performance.
  • To achieve superiority in competition in the direction of implementing many works such as design, projecting, construction, conducting modern real estate, which are meeting requirements of our customers.
  • To increase the quality of the done works by using advance technology and contemporary construction materials.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise our projects and customer satisfaction to the highest point by following time and rights.


License No. "IN / L-464/2018" permits the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to carry out construction works on the buildings and installations required for the construction of "Magnolia 99" LLC.